maxwell“Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.” One of my favorite quotes by my friend and mentor, John Maxwell. Nobody knows Leadership like he does. I’m proud to be certified to train organizations using his proven methods and materials found below.

Connect with me so we can transform your organization and raise up leaders who can take your company to a higher level than you ever thought possible.

John C MaxwellSuccess is knowing your purpose in life, growing to your maximum potential and sowing the seeds that benefit others. It is a rather simple recipe, yet it requires awareness, study, practice and mentoring in order to achieve.
Learn the FOUR elements to success:

    • Relationship – Relate to others better as you understand relational rules
    • Equipping – Equip others with the proper skill sets
    • Attitude – improve your attitude through daily practices
    • Leadership – Lead others successfully to where you have gone and beyond

communicationCommunication is the key to a successful organization. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect is an excellent training tool to train you and your team on effective and concise communication. There is a big difference between communicating and connecting.

leadershipgoldThis training is a must for new leaders and leaders who want a refresher on just how important your role is. “A leader walks slowly through the crowd….” When I heard John speak about that, it made such an impact in my life. We shouldn’t be ahead of everyone else, we should be walking right beside them.

dreamThis ten-step Dream Test forms a framework for people to examine different aspects of their dreams including ownership, clarity, reality, passion, pathway, people, cost, tenacity, fulfillment, and significance.

influenceIf your life in any way connects with other people, you are an influencer. Whatever your vocation or aspiration is, you can increase your impact with Maxwell’s simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others. Watch your personal and organizational success go off the charts!


The greatest lessons we learn in life are from our losses. Everyone experiences loss, but not everyone learns from it. In Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn, we will explore the most common lessons we learn when we experience loss. Learn how to turn a set-back into a step forward by examining the eleven elements that make up the DNA of Those Who Learn.

Learning is not easy during down times; it takes discipline to do the right thing when everything is wrong. Experience isn’t the best teacher; evaluated experience is.